Why Is A Curve Treadmill Ideal To Use?

Research has shown that a curve treadmill burn 30% more calories than other convectional motorized treadmills. When one is using the curve treadmill, one is actually powering the running surface and hence more muscle groups will be engaged. A superior workout is hence achieved when one is using the curve treadmill, which could not have been achieved if one could be using the other convectional treadmills. Users are only able to reach similar cardiovascular exercise and caloric burn only when walking on the curve treadmill. This is in comparison to running on convectional units which are motorized.

treadmill 227623 Why Is A Curve Treadmill Ideal To Use?The best example of curve treadmill is the Woodway curve treadmill. It has a patented running surface. It also has a drive system which is almost frictionless thus making the belt to be able to move freely. It is a completely non motorized treadmill which has a unique curve. This will enable users to accelerate and decelerate at their own convenience. It is actually the first treadmill to best favour the users since it considers the user ability by allowing users move at their own pace. The patented running pace is also exceptional in this treadmill. The fact that it is non-motorized is an added advantage since there is no need for electricity for running this treadmill.

Woodway designers developed a safe running space in the treadmill and also a comfortable. The other convectional treadmills tend to be associated with friction and tear but this curve treadmill has greatly reduced this. In order to achieve this, the designers started with a ball-bearing transportation. Later, they created a unique slat style running surface. They combined these two ideas to produce this treadmill.

The combined system is seen to provide a running surface of 38-43 type A shore hardness. This was seen to be the best ‘softness’ to remove the dangerous shock to connective tissue, while not changing proper biomechanics.  The ball bearing transportation system removes all forces to all mechanical and electrical parts. This will result to less wear which is an advantage to the owner of the treadmill. This is because the treadmill will require less maintenance since the repairs will be minimal. The electricity bills will be lower when using this treadmill. Due to the reduced wear and friction of the system, the treadmill will definitely have an overall longer life.

There is no wooden deck in this system the belt will never need tracking adjustment and deck wax. The durability of this treadmill is also an advantage in the sense that it will take a long time be replaced.The surface is made with vulcanized rubber and this makes the system to efficiently absorb the force of the footsrikes when one is running on the system. This makes the system to be safe on ones joints, bones and muscles. The system is also compatible to all type of users in regard to their abilities. This is because it has a wide speed range. It also compatible to users who are heavy weighted and also to those who are light weighted. The treadmill will be powered by the power of one’s energy.The curve treadmill is therefore the ideal treadmill to go for.

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